Bedchamber: Catherine of Bragança

In the 15th century this chamber was, most probably, a bedchamber. This conclusion is drawn from its resemblance to the Duke’s bedchamber. Being a smaller chamber, it was easier for it to be warmed in the colder days.

Despite the fact that she never lived in this Ducal Palace, this chamber pays homage to Catherine of Bragança, daughter of king João IV, Princess of Portugal and Queen of England.

At the time of her marriage to Charles II of England (1662), she supposedly took not only the social habit of drinking tea into England, but also added porcelain to the English customs; the fork at the table of the Court; the taste for Italian opera; the creation of the famous English marmalade; as well as the popularization of fans and tobacco.

The paintings and pieces of furniture are from the 17th and 18th centuries.