Priority for groups with official guides.

In the Ducal Palace and Guimarães Castle, official guides are granted priority to purchase tickets for their groups;

Groups will not have priority - even if accompanied by an official guide - if the tickets are to be bought individually;

This priority applies only in the act purchasing tickets. The access to the museum follows the order of arrival. Groups aren't given priority of access over other visitors or over groups accompanied by the members of Staff of the Ducal Palace;

Every indication carried out by a member of staff must be followed both in the Palace as well as in the Castle;

It is only allowed to change the normal course of visit exceptionally and only for groups accompanied by members of Staff of the Ducal Palace.


1. Entry is denied to visitors accompanied by pets with the exception of duly kept assistance animals for persons with disabilities;

2. Visitors may be required to deposit objects at the entrance that, due to their nature or size, may eventually be prejudicial to the safety or conservation of the estate, facilities or yet if the constitute a predicament for other visitors;

3. Entry may be refused to visitors accompanied by objects that, due to their value or nature, may not be safely stored in the facilities or that may, in some way, disturb the peace.

4. Should the visitor intend to keep objects of high value at the reception, they should be declared and identified by the visitor;

5. The liability of the Ducal Palace for the guardianship of objects of a high value implies the respective statement and identification by the visitor;

6. Members of staff may refuse to keep the visitor’s personal objects, should it be noted that they cannot be safely kept in the reception area;

7. The Director of the Palace may restrict entry or close the Monuments for reasons, such as:

7.1. When the safety of the estate or of the people (visitors or staff) is at risk;

7.2. When Venue Hiring;

7.3. During official events, such as the presence of His Excellency the President of the Republic or of members of Government, if their safety so requires;

7.4. For other reasons considered relevant by the Palace’s management and under the authorization of the Direção da Direção Regional de Cultura do Norte.

Other restrictions:

In the Ducal Palace, Guimarães Castle and Church of S. Miguel visitors may not:

  • Smoke;
  • Touch the exhibit objects;
  • Photograph with flash nor use tripods or other means of device supports such as selfie-sticks;
  • Any type of recording;
  • Eat or drink outside the designated areas;
  • Use of mobile phones;
  • Run or jump in the museologic areas;
  • Having any behaviour that may disturb or place at risk the physical integrity of other visitors or staff;
  • Having any behaviour that may endanger the integrity of the monuments or objects, be they museological or not.

School Groups are subject to specific terms that are yield by the Educational Services.