This small church, known as of S. Miguel of the Castle, is positioned between the Castle and the Ducal Palace.

The Church of S. Miguel of the Castle is a Romanesque church where, according to tradition, Afonso Henriques was baptized.  Next to the baptismal font there is a plaque with the following inscription: “The King Afonso Henriques was baptized at this font by the Archbishop St. Geraldo in the year of the Lord 1106”.

Therefore, it is a building that is very close to the Portuguese nationality and its foundation.

It was consecrated in 1239 and it was a Royal Chapel and Parish Church of the Parish of S. Miguel of the Castle until 1870, whereby it was decommissioned at this time due to its state of ruins.  In 1875, it was reallocated for cult and, a year before, the old triumphal arch was repositioned at the behest of the Prior of the Collegiate.

In the 19th Century it was in ruins, having undergone restorations in 1874 and 1936.

It is not usually open for worship, but, at times, religious celebrations are held in it.

It is a sober small structure, of great decorative simplicity, equipped with naked granite; it has a single nave with rectangular body and presbytery and a wooden roof with decorated trusses; the interiors host a set of tombstones with warrior (sword, arch and arrow) and religious motifs (i.e. Cross of Malta); the simple portal, the smooth drum and two rows of dogs ornament its cornices.  A cross of tribol stone surmounts this church; a few open cracks in the granite allow a tenuous light in.

Inside, we find a sculpture of the church’s patron in polychrome wood and a sculpture representing the Virgin with the Child in polychrome limestone.

The Church of S. Miguel of the Castle is a National Monument since 1910.